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Thank you to all our Sponsors!

EPHA would like to thank all our banner wall sponsors. Please support these businesses that kindly contribute to support EPHA Hockey.

Aspire Beverages BIC Brunswick XL Eden Prairie
Northlight Color Scheels SportsWorld USA
CheckView Buca Creative Occasions
Flagship Bank Kowalski’s Stauber’s Goalcrease
Red’s Savoy Pizza Medina Electric Paul Rahheim – 28 Skates
Land o Frost Tavern 4&5 Waterpark of America
EJ’s Sunglasses   Twin Cities Hockey Dynamics


Special thanks to:

SignSource, Inc. - banner wall construction

Beth Geving - graphic design

Northlight Color - printing and design consulting

Eden Prairie Community Center - facilities and management staff

Chris Rosenlund - EPHA board member in charge of sponsorships

Twin City Hockey Dynamics – Future Eden Prairie Eagles

Twin City Hockey Dynamics – Future Eden Prairie Eagles 

The Eden Prairie High School Coaching Staff is proud to announce our Summer STP program. Lee Smith, Paul Ranheim, Steve Olinger, and Joe Krmpotich want to teach your players the skills to be successful at a high level of hockey. This camp is to provide the Eden Prairie players the edge in development for their upcoming season. We are proud to have produced players that have competed in the NHL, Division I and Division III players.  We understand the importance of developing our players and building relationships with these great kids.

Camp Focus each day:

Tuesdays – Individual Skills, Positional Work and 1 vs. 1 Battles

Players will work on their skating, stick handling, puck protection, checking and gapping this day. They will also work on their specific skills for their position. Lastly, they will work on 1 vs. 1 battles all over the rink. This will teach them body position, how to give and receive a check, and provide competition and fun to the practice.

Wednesdays – Individual Skills and Situational Concepts

The players will continue to work on their individual skills this day. This day will include work on overspeed with and without the puck. They will learn offensive and defensive concepts of 2 vs. 1’s, 2 vs. 2’s, 3 vs. 2’s. They will work on backchecking and play in front of the net offensively and defensively.

Thursday – Small Game and Scrimmage Day

This day is designed for the players to compete and use their skills to play in a competitive atmosphere. The coaches will give players feedback within the games to make these practices useful for the boys. Players will get lots of puck touches which means they will get to make decisions. This will help the players advancement. They will also have fun!


This is designed to help the hockey player take their game to the next level. The focus for the older players is: strength, speed and agility. The younger players spend more time on speed work and hockey skills. The players complete this portion of the camp at the EPHS or EPCC.


As the Eden Prairie High School Coach and a father of two sons in the Eden Prairie program, I understand the importance of my staff developing our players to be prepared to  compete in District 6 and Section 6 for the high school players. Our goal will be to provide drills, small games, instruction and feedback to enhance your son’s game. 

Please go to our website and signup: