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Shelly Heggestad


2014-2015 Eden Prairie Tournament Schedule

EPHA is pleased to announce their 2014-2015 tournament schedule. We will again be hosting tournaments at every level.  If interested in registering a team, please click the tournament registration link below.
If you have any questions, please contact Shelly Heggestad at tournaments@ephockey.com

Tournament Payment:  Checks for the total fee due, should be made out to Eden Prairie Hockey Association or EPHA.  Mail to Shelly Heggestad, 7325 Bagpipe Blvd., Eden Prairie, MN 55346.


(if "full" is noted next to a level, only that level is currently filled, the other levels still have openings)  Keep Checking back incase a team drops out and we open a level back up.

"Season Premiere Kick Off" 12U A (FULL)  & B (8 Teams Each) November 14-16   Total Fee: $1220 (Entry Fee $870  Gate Fee $350) Pool Play/Round Robin

"First Test of the Best"   Bantam AA, PeeWee AA  & Bantam B1  (AA -12 Teams Each, B1 - 8 Teams)  November 28-30
"AA"- Entry Fee $870  "B1"- Entry Fee $820  All levels Full
Cash Gate-Families pay to enter arena. No prepaid gate fee  "AA"-Pool Play/Round Robin  "B1"-Bracket

"Prairie Face Off" - PeeWee B1  & PeeWee B2 (full) (8 Teams Each)
 December 5-7  
Total Fee: $1170 (Entry Fee $820 Gate Fee $350)  Pool Play/Round Robin

"Prairie Shoot-Out" - Squirt A Full & Squirt B ("A"-12 Teams, "B"-16 Teams)
December 18-21  
Total Fee: $1220 (Entry Fee $870 Gate Fee $350)  Pool Play/Round Robin


"Border Battle"  Jr Gold A & Jr Gold B (8 Teams Each) Both Full January 2-4
Total Fee $1220 (Entry Fee $870 Gate Fee $350)  Bracket

"Prairie Showdown"   Bantam B2 (full)  & Bantam C (Full) (8 Teams Each)
January 9-11  Total Fee $1220  (Entry Fee $870  Gate Fee $350) Pool Play/Round Robin

"Winter Classic"  Bantam A & PeeWee A (8 Teams Each) All Levels Full
January 23-25  Total Fee $1220 (Entry Fee $870  Gate Fee $350) Pool Play/Round Robin

"Prelude to the Playoffs"   14U A (FULL)  & 14U B  ("A"-12 Teams, "B"-8 Teams)
February 5-8   "A"-Total Fee $1220 (Entry Fee $870 Gate Fee $350)  "B"- Total Fee $1120 (Entry Fee $770  Gate Fee $350)  "A"-Pool Play/Round Robin  "B"-Bracket

"Prairie Madness"  Squirt C (full) & PeeWee C  (Full) (8 Teams Each)
February 13-15  Total Fee $1120 (Entry Fee $770  Gate Fee $350)  Bracket

"Prairie Meltdown"  10U A (full)  (8 Teams) & 10U B (12 Teams Each)
February 20-22  Total Fee $1120 (Entry Fee $770  Gate Fee $350) Bracket




Tournament Hotel Information

Tournament Rules

Weather Policy


Bad Weather Policy

The District Director, or in his absence the District 6 President or League Operations, shall have the right to cancel games due to inclement weather.  The announcement will be placed on the District 6 website by 5:00pm on the day involved.  If an announcement is not on the website your game is on.  District 6 does not control games played in other Districts.

The District Director will decide to either reschedule the games or remove the games from the league schedule due to the lateness of the season.  The teams will not be consulted on the dates of the rescheduling.  If the District Director cancels the games no rescheduling fee will apply.  However the District and thus its members will have to pay for any unused ice.