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Important Information About Registration

• PLEASE NOTE:  When you create an account on the website, if the system gives you a message that says your email address already exists, that means you already have a NGIN account through another organization's website such as Velocity Hockey Center of your AAA team.  Please enter your username and password, or click the links provided if you forgot one or both.  Once logged in, go to any page and you will see a gray box in the left panel that says: Join the "Eden Prairie Hockey Association Network."  Once you click on this link, your account will be activated on the website.

All players must be registered through USA Hockey first. You will need to pay the USA Hockey fee of $46.00 and the MN Hockey fee of $10 with a credit card before you register with EPHA. EXCEPTION: MITES WILL STILL NEED TO REGISTER WITH USA HOCKEY AND (DEPENDING ON AGE) MAY NOT GET CHARGED THE $46.00 FEE. There will be a link to USA Hockey as you register on line with the EPHA.  

Our online volunteer system is called "Dibs," and you will be able to sign up for and track your volunteer hours on this tool.  Please keep all your volunteer hours under one "member" account, which is explained above.

Rookie Camp is free for EP residents, but you will still have to Register your child with USA Hockey first.  USA Hockey will be free for kids 6 and Under, and $50 for others.

All Players that are not Eden Prairie Residents or do not go to Eden Prairie Schools, will be charged a fee for Rookie Camp.

Bryan Haines

Registration Coordinator