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Coaching Evaluation / EPHA Survey

All parents and players are encouraged to fill out the Coaching Evaluation Survey. This is a confidential survey that will be useful for providing feedback to our coaches on their performance this year and to help us plan for next season. In addition, you can provide input on EPHA in general so we can continue to improve.

Here is the link to the survey -


Thank you,

EPHA Board

          Congratulations to our State Competitors 

"19U Girls Team Captured 2nd Place at State

"Bantam AA take consolation championship at State"


Velocity Training Programs 2014

Velocity Hockey Center


Velocity Hockey Registration for All Spring Strength & Conditioning Programs for all Peewees, Bantams and High School Players. 

Are your looking to improve your overall Speed, Strength and Power this Spring? If so, we have the perfect program for you! Sign up TODAY and get ahead of your competition.

The main emphasis of our Strength & Conditioning Spring Camp is to prepare all hockey players for their upcoming 2014-15 hockey season. Many players are trying to make the jump from level to level thus putting in the time in your off season Strength program becomes more essential to make the transition much easier.

Peewees & Bantams Spring Session:
The goal of our Pre-High School Hockey Strength and Conditioning Camp (Middle Schooler’s, Peewee’s and Bantams) is to introduce hockey strength and conditioning to our younger hockey athletes and to those hockey athletes who may have participated in the past and want to resume their off-ice hockey training. Emphasis is placed on getting our younger hockey athletes to move their bodies more efficiently with more strength, speed, and power through a larger range of motion increasing their functional movement and improving overall athletic development. The training curriculum consists of age appropriate strength training with equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands, and speed training equipment. SAQ (Speed, Agility and Quickness) will focus on sprint technique, lateral and lineal speed, acceleration/deceleration, hip flexibility, and foot speed. In SAQ we will use speed hurdles, agility ladders, and resistance bands. Emphasis will be placed on Core Musculature development through all phases of the training protocol.

Registration Link: https://login.ezfacility.com/OnlineRegistrations/Register.aspx?CompanyID=162&GroupID=183896

High School Boys Spring Session:
The main emphasis of our High School Hockey Strength and Conditioning Spring Camp is to prepare upper level elite high school hockey players for their upcoming 2014 season. Our Spring Camp is the first step in a systematic approach where the hockey athlete begins a regimented off-season program that begins with our Spring Strength and Conditioning Camp which leads into our Summer Camp where the training program involves more intensity and a heavier work load. In preparation for the heavier summer training it is imperative that each hockey athlete participate in the Spring Camp. Their bodies must be in “Lifting Condition” to withstand the heavier loads that will follow in the summer.  Upon completion of the Summer Camp we begin our Fall Strength and Conditioning Camp which leads up to tryouts in early November.  The Fall Strength and Conditioning Camp will stress muscular strength and endurance along with hockey specific movements and conditioning. These camps must become a priority if a hockey athlete is going to develop to their fullest potential. Many athletes do a poor job or simply don’t put in the necessary time to prepare correctly for their upcoming season and it shows.

Registration Link: https://login.ezfacility.com/OnlineRegistrations/Register.aspx?CompanyID=162&GroupID=183890

High School Girls Spring Session:
Tuesday and Thursday: Total Body Workout: On Tuesday andThursday our workout is based off an entire upper and lower body lifting circuit with dumbbells. This is a fast pace, short rest, high repetition, very intense dumbbell workout that will guarantee to get the entire body metabolized and burning body fat while developing all the muscle groups and emphasizing  total body muscular strength and endurance.

Core Development, SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness), Plyometrics and Conditioning: Emphasis is placed on Core Development through all phases of the training protocol. All movement begins with activating the core musculature of the body. A well conditioned core musculature will allow for greater explosiveness (power) through a greater range of motion and allows an athlete to perform at a higher level when their body enters a stage of fatigue. In core musculature training we will be using a variety of body suspension movements with suspension equipment (TRX), along with a variety of body weight ground-based movements and weighted lifts.

SAQ is all about “Flat Out Speed!” Focus is placed on sprinting mechanics, lateral and lineal speed, acceleration/deceleration, hip flexibility and foot speed. Correct sprint mechanics for maximum lineal and lateral speed and plyometric work for increased neuromuscular activation of the core musculature and lower body. Resistance band SAQ training and full body stretching will be implemented to increase range of motion, lengthen skating stride and increase foot speed. Emphasis is placed on, but not limited to, loosening and developing the hips, glutes, hamstrings and calves. Unless the body is conditioned and trained to move through that greater range of motion it simply will not go there. If the body has not gone there before it needs to be manipulated, pushed and forced there through controllable, constant and consistent tension allowing those muscle groups to open up. Resistance bands do an exceptional job at providing this controllable tension.

Link: https://login.ezfacility.com/OnlineRegistrations/Register.aspx?CompanyID=162&GroupID=184180

Our Programs will consist of all players working out with our Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach Curt Meiers.  If you have any questions reagrding the programs or schedule please contact Curt at651.239.3240 or curtmeiers@velocityhockeycenter.com






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2014 Spring Rookie Camp Registration Open

Rookie Camp for new and returning players born between 7/1/2008- 6/30/2009.

2014 Board Positions Have Been updated.

With the conclusion of the Board elections the position assignments have been updated under the Board Tab on our website; take a look at some of the changes and the appropriate contacts by position.


Face Off Party - Thank You!

We hope everyone enjoyed the first Face Off party as much as we did.  It was great to see so many friendly faces and the excitement surrounding the upcoming season.  We're already looking forward to next year’s event.  

Thank you to all of the committee members who volunteered so much time and effort to this event. This could not have happened without you. Thank you to the Mark Miller band for the great music throughout the night and to all the people who donated such wonderful silent auction items. We also want to thank all of our sponsors: Sportsworld, Aspire, Tavern 4&5, Prohybrid, Finnegans, Drews Homemade Carmel Corn, Creative Occasions, Ninja, Bic, Aspen Limousine Services, Shark, Medina Electric, Premier Jet, and Cub Foods.  We couldn’t have done this without our sponsors.

Special thank you to Kelly Sawyer, Chris Rosenlund, Leslie Blackowiak, Joy Lillejord, and Laura Casey.  WOW!!! You pulled off a great event.  Can’t wait to see your ideas for next year.

Thanks to everyone who attended and we wish all of you the best of luck for the upcoming season.  Go Eagles!

EPHA Board