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Board Members & Commissioners

Board meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of every month at the Eden Prairie Community Center at 6:00pm and are open to the public. (There are occasional date and venue changes. Please contact the Secretary for current information.)

There are 15 positions on the EPHA board. Each carries a three year term. Each year there are five board members rolling off the board. This is to ensure that, ideally, the full board turns over to new representation every three years.   

We urge your participation! If you would like more information on running for future board positions, please contact the Secretary.

Current Board Members

Linda Elmquist


Phone: 612-867-8813

Chad Erickson


Phone: 612-964-2969

Michael Heller


Phone: 612-384-0080

Charlie Gerszewski

Communications Director

Phone: 612-220-4570

Eric Langaard

Growth Director

Phone: 952-426-8043

Jeff Dessner

Vice President

Phone: 952-836-7432

Sarah Hendrickson


Phone: 612-802-8360

Rosie Rink

Legacy, Inclusion and Diversity Director

Phone: 612-483-3759

Mike Tucker

Mite Director

Phone: 612-408-7897

Emily Ailie

Sponsorship/Fundraising Director

Phone: 612-239-1514

Ryan Richards

Travel Player Development Director

Phone: 612-306-6311

Brian Christian

8U Director

Phone: 612-730-9669

Mike Sylvia

Coaching Director

Phone: 617-212-1900

Robb Miller

Tournament Director

Phone: 612-868-7501

Andrew Pieper

Commissioner Director

Phone: 612-720-2137

2022-23 Commissioners

Ken Wilmer

Bantam Commissioner

Phone: 612-963-7070

Kevin Bille

15U Commissioner

Phone: 612-709-5156

Josh Keck

Peewee Commissioner

Phone: 612-803-0750

Rick Lang

12U Commissioner

Phone: 612-719-3530

Susan Pauling

Squirt Commissioner

Phone: 952-220-4343

Linn Buchanan

10U Commissioner

Phone: 952-818-5902


Joel Klute

Ice Coordinator

Phone: 612-716-3728

Jason Barry

Incoming Ice Coordinator

Phone: 612-910-2327

Chris Howes


Shelly Heggestad

Tournament Operations Director

Phone: 763-301-2513